Corte Cristina

Corte Cristina is located in Quartucciu, a few kilometers from Cagliari. It is a noble residence named after the queen, Maria Cristina of Savoy, who was a rare example of virtue: she was beatified and is waiting upon her sanctification.

Corte Cristina is a noble residence that was named after the queen of the Two Sicilies, Maria Cristina of Savoy, who lived a part of her first years in this magical setting with her sister Maria Anna, who became the Empress of Austria, and with Maria Teresa, who became the Duchess of Parma.

The Corte Cristina resort is symbolic of timeless hospitality for both its antiqueness and innovation. It is known for its antiqueness because it respects the spirit of its location: an old Patrician home from the 700's, full of stories, secrets, idle courtyards, grandiose celebrations, residences and holiday areas. However, Corte Cristina is also innovative because it transfers these situations into the 21st century while offering a unique experience in the center of a little town: a different world, eventful and silent, in favor of one's wellbeing and the good life. This formula allows all to live freely, without making any programs, in a place that is devoted to everything: relaxation, food and nature, which is all that remains from a world that no longer exists. A world that used to know the nearby fields and seas before the arrival of tourists; when it was still wild and untouched.

It is an exclusive club for all who wish to experience a different life; where time is suspended outside of the usual routine and scheduled rhythms... surrounded by the quality of rooms and suites that tell the story of the ancient Sardinian nobility. This house hosts the Academy of Taste kitchen, where one can explore the different recipes and lessons in a convivial atmosphere.

After three centuries, this philosophy of hospitality - good life, good food - has been reimplemented and modernized for the Corte Cristina of this 21st century. The places have changed, the fields are further away, the sea is no longer wild, the towns have been transformed, but the magic of this location has not changed. Its splendor was restored through the addition of many modern conveniences while maintaining the atmosphere of ancient times: the frescoed lounges, the piano that used to incite listeners and dancers, the enchanted gardens with a very rare cyca tree that came from other worlds and which is now over four meters high and 300 hundred years old.

Corte Cristina is a private residence occupied by the owners that make available some of the rooms for special and live and exclusive events, dream weddings, conventions, seminars... all luxurious and of a certain category.

The Estate has various air-conditioned rooms that can host any type of event thanks to the different volumetric solutions and to the fact that the available spaces can be modulated according to one's needs.

The Academy of Taste, a very prestigious wine and food association that organizes culinary courses, is integrated within the structure. The Bed and Breakfast called the "locanda della Corona" offers its four spacious suites, all carefully furnished with antique furniture, to guests. The noble residence is named after the queen, Maria Cristina of Savoy, daughter of Vittorio Emanuele I, king of Sardinia, and after Maria Teresa of Hapsburg: East Archduchess of Austria, born in Cagliari on November 14, 1812, when the Savoyan court moved to the Sardinian capital. The king Vittorio Emanuele I moved to Rome and later to Sardinia when Napoleon occupied the Piedmont region in 1793. Maria Cristina of Savoy, the future queen of the Two Sicilies, lived a part of her first years in this magical setting with her sister Maria Anna, who became the Empress of Austria, and with Maria Teresa, who became the Duchess of Parma.
This residence was the home of the first Massonic Lodge in Sardinia.