Bingia Pernis

The ancient homestead of Bingia Pernis, once used as a wine cellar, was erected at the start of the nineteenth century on the orders of Josias Pernis, one of the most highly accredited wine entrepreneurs of the period. The latter had followed a family tradition, as his ancestors had been wine producers in the Grigione Canton in Switzerland since the eighteenth century.

Over the years the wine produced by Josias Pernis gained an excellent reputation, to the extent that in 1898 Bingia Pernis won the Gold Medal awarded by the Ministry for Agriculture to the best Italian Wine Cellar. Throughout the following century, Agostino Pili Pernis and his son Marco Pernis, grandson and great-grandson respectively of Josias, carried on the family tradition as producers of high quality wines. From 1990 to date the descendants of Josias Pernis have skillfully reinvented this rural construction, and have contributed decisively to the promotion of the structure. At the current time "Bingia Pernis" is used as a private house and an elegant venue for cultural events and weddings.